Matching the language of your live chat with your website visitor's language is an important step of customization. You will be able to change all the default texts such as a moment ago, type a message, etc, and even the greeting messages in the language you want. 

After that, this option will give out the corresponding texts to the customers based on their browser language.

To add new languages to your live chat channel, you need to go to Channels > Choose the channel you want to add languages > Language section. 


  • This feature doesn't translate the messages between agents and customers during the conversation.
  • You can read this article for more detail about setting up your channels before customizing the languages.

Customize your multilingual live chat

After you access the Language section, please follow the steps below to adjust the new languages:

Step 1: Add new languages into your live chat

You can simply add a new language to the chosen channel by clicking the + Add language button and choosing the one you want to add.

Note: Remember to click the Save button after this action.

Step 2: Adjust the new language text in a specific channel.

After adding the language, please click the eye icon next to that language. When it turns green, you will be able to edit:

The Header text under the Appearance section.

The Welcome message under the Behavior section.

The inline text such as "Please fill in the form below...", "Enter your name", "Enter your email", etc under the Lead Identification section. 


  • The title of information fields in the Lead Identification can be changed by going to Settings > Translation (this action will be guided in step 3 below).
  • Remember to click the Save button under each section to apply the changes successfully.

Step 3: Adjust the language text for all channels

Now, you have finished customizing the new language texts for your channels. If you want to continue to edit the system phrases such as "a moment ago", "Enter your message", etc, and the title of information fields in the Lead Identification section, then you will need to click the Click here button, it will trigger you to Translation section in account Settings.

In here, you'll see English as a default language and the languages you have added in step 1 above. 

Next, click on the language you want to edit and the list of all phrases can be displayed. Now all you need to do is to edit them the way you like.

What will happen if my customer browser doesn't match my setup languages? 

In case the customer browser language doesn't match any languages you have set up above, it will automatically choose the Preferred language under the channel's Language section.