Conversation reports can help you identify if the conversations are handled by the agents effectively. You will also be able to view the team's busiest time of the day so you can assign the right number of agents to support customers during that time.

You will find the team report by going to Reports > Traffic > Conversation and choosing the report time among the last 7 days, 30 days, 60 days, or 90 days at the top corner.

Conversation Overview

Number of total conversations

You can track how many new conversations you’re handling over time, so you can identify long-term growth trends. This data will help you decide to see if you need to streamline your support process, hire more staff or tackle recurring spikes in volume.
  • The number of open conversations: The total number of new conversations started. 
  • The number of participated conversations: The total number of conversations your agent reply to the customer 
  • The number of closed conversations: The number of conversations closed. If a conversation was closed more than once, it will only be counted as one.

Business busy periods

It’s important to see at a glance when your teams are least responsive and most responsive. This will highlight any significant gaps in your support roster.

Note: If you spot a drop in responsiveness during lunch hours, you might split your team’s lunch period into two groups that have lunch at separate times so you can ensure full cover during working hours.