Performance analysis is one of the most important metrics that allows businesses to keep track of their team and agents' activities. In the dashboard, you will be able to see the team and agents' overview performance.

You will find these data by clicking the Chative icon > Performance section.

Team performance overview

See how quickly your whole team responds to and resolves your customers’ issues with:

  • Median first reply time: The average time that your team took to reply to the customer first message in a conversation
  • Median reply time: The average time that your team took to reply to customers at any point during a conversation.
  • Median Closed Time: The average time that your team took to close a conversation

For a deeper dive into your team’s performance reports, see the track of your team's performance.

Agent performance overview

As in the Conversation overview, you have seen the status of the conversations based on the whole team, then in this report, you will be able to see how each agent divides those conversations

In this table, the agent's performance will be breakdown into:

  • Replies: The number of assigned conversations 
  • Participated: The number of conversations that your agent joins in, even if they are not assigned by that agent.  
  • Closed: The number of conversations that were closed by your agents

For more details about other agent performance metrics, check out Agent reports.

Note: you can add other members to your organization by reading this article