Chative provides you with a way to filter groups of customers based on your needs, so you can manage and analyze them more easily. You could funnel your customers based on the tag you have added them or create a filter with specific elements captured during the conversation.

There are two types of filters that you could use in the Contacts:

Predefined filter

Chative comes with three predefined filters, and you’ll see these filters at the left panel of the Contact feature.
  • Contact: The list of contacts based on the contact type (Customer/Leads/Guests/All).
  • Last active: The list of contacts who interacted with your live chat in All time/ Today/ This week/ This month.
  • Channels: The list of contacts based on the channel they have engaged. 

Custom filter

You can funnel your customers with tags, basic information, and custom information in the filter. 
Group your users together based on who they are and what they do in your product. It's up to you!

Note: After filtering the audiences, you can export and download them for further analytics