Collaboration between teammates in an organization is an information thing. Therefore, in this document, you will learn how to use the Chative features to make your workflow become smoothly.

Automatically assign conversations

You can automatically assign conversations from a specific channel to a specific agent so that the agents don't have to look for the conversations that are in their specialist and they can focus on these conversations and increase their response time better. 

This option can be found by going to Settings > Members > Collaboration > select the "Default for each channel" option.

Set Lead identification form to qualify your leads

You can configure your live chat to automatically qualify your leads at the beginning of the conversation so you can spend more time focussing on having conversations with them. 

The Lead identification form can be set it up by going to the lead identification section in the web Chat channels setting.

There are three display options that you can choose from, which are:
  • Disabled: Disable the lead identification form.
  • Enable and non-skippable: Every visitors need to fill in this form in order to start the conversation with your business
  • Enable but skippable: Visitors can choose to leave their data to become your business's lead or start the conversation like a normal guest by clicking Continue as guest option.

Add a note to the conversation

If a lead asks a tough question you don’t know the answer to, you don’t need to waste time figuring it out yourself. Instead, active the Add note option in the inbox and add a note to the conversation. Your teammates can come in and collaborate with you behind the scenes.