Messenger Chat Plugin is a free chat plugin that allows you to install your business Facebook Messenger on your website. This plugin lets your website visitor directly chat with your business in the messenger chat window without opening any messenger tab. 

Please follow the guideline below to set up your messenger chat plugin:

1. From your navigation bar, go to Channel and create a Facebook Messenger channel.

2. Go to the Messenger Chat Plugin section.

3. Style your Messenger Chat with:

  • Theme: The theme color for your plugin.
  • Alignment: Messenger icon position, you can choose to put it between right and left on the bottom of your website.
  • Welcome Message: The first message your customers will see when they click the Messenger icon. You can adjust its content and display.
  • Enable guest: "Guest mode" enable/disable setting.

4. Click the Save button to complete the setup.

After you have finished setting up the live chat, you can install it on your website now.