By enabling this option, agents can control their own notifications about what is currently happening with customers and our Chative live chat activities. 

In this document, you will learn how to adjust two types of notification, which are:
  • Inbox notification: In-app notice when customers request to talk with agents
  • Email notification: System notice and our product update information

Each agent can set up these notifications via their personal account settings. 

To change your notification settings, please go to Settings > Your profile > Preferences

Adjust your inbox notification

The Inbox notification is an option that notifies agents about customers' new incoming messages inside the Chative app. With Inbox notifications, you will not miss any messages anymore.

There are two notification actions you can adjust:
  • Blink browser tab Notification: Display a blink action on your browser tab 
  • Play a notification sound: Play a sound on your desktop

Adjust your email notification

You can choose what you get notified about Chative via emails, especially when you are not opening the Chative app on your browser. There are five different notifications.

In the email notification section, you will see four types of options:
  • Receive product updates: Get notified when there is an update about our product.
  • Receive weekly activity summary email: Get notified every week with a summary of our activities.
  • Receive tutorials, tips & tricks: Get notified of the best practice of our product
  • Receive system notifications: Get notified when there are any actions or activities occurring in your account.

Configure notification on Chative mobile app (coming soon)