You can invite new members and assign different roles to your organization so they can co-manage it with you.

Follow these step-by-step instructions to invite members to your organization:

1. Go to your account Settings.

2. Go to the Member section and click on the Invite Members button.

3. Enter the email address of the person you want to add to your team.
4. Assign a role to that member. There are three roles available in Chative right now: admin, agent, and automation agent. Find out the difference between these roles here.

5. Click the Invite button.

Members Status

Once you invite your teammates, there will be three types of status, which are:
  • Invited: This teammate hasn't had a Chative account. Chative will send your teammate an email invitation to ask them to join your organization. You can resend the invitation or revoke the invitation by clicking on the "⋮" icon.
  • Active: This teammate already has an account in the Chative system. You can view this teammate assigned conversations, performance, change this member role or Suspend member by clicking on the "" icon.
  • Suspended: This member has been suspended and they no longer have access to your organization. By clicking on the "⋮" icon, you can change this member role or activate it again.