In this article, you will learn the commonly used term and its definition in the Chative platform. This list helps you get familiar with the words and phrases that typically appear while using Chative.

To get started, we’ve prepared a small customer support glossary below:


Automated Contact
Automated Contact counts the unique person you have reached this past month by sending them at least one message chat using chatbot, broadcast, or follow-up Campaigns. That means you only pay for the value you get by leveraging Automation features.

The agent is a chat agent (a human staff or chatbot), who can access basic features in the Chative live chat system. You can invite them into your organization to help your business support customers and assign them directly into conversations in the Inbox. 

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Automated Agent

The Automated Agent has the same role as Agent, but they'll have some additional rights to access and edit the automation tools such as chatbot, campaign, broadcast. 

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Admin is one of the roles you will assign to your teammate when you invite them into your organization. The admin will be able to access all the features and settings just like the owner.

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Action is your behavior while using the live chat system, such as adding users into campaigns, assigning a conversation to an agent, unassigning agents, etc.

Assign is an action that allows you to add a specific agent to a conversation they could take care of the customers. After assigning the agent, the conversation will be moved to their individual Inbox.


Active describes the invited teammate status. When you invite your teammate into your organization, their status will be "active" when they already have Chative account. 

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The platform that you want to connect with Chative such as website, Facebook page, etc. Channel is the gateway to connect your customers to our live chat system.

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Contacts are the users who engage with your organization via live chat. The user who interacts with your live chat is counted as one contact. There are three types of Contact in Chative, which are: Guest, Lead, Customer.

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Chatbot is an artificial intelligence (AI) program that allows your business to build a pre-conversation flow. It helps your agents automate the conversations and fasten the support process. In Chative, you can have more than one chatbot for one channel and assign them as an agent at any time you want during the conversations. 

Chat as content

Chat as content is one of Chative live chat modes. You can add the live chat directly and use it inside the website as its content. You can even change its background, and color to make it more attractive. 

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Chat as landing page

Chat as landing page is one of Chative live chat modes. This mode allows you to put the live chat as a full-page webpage without any other content.

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Customer is the one who uses your product and has their product ID from logging into your business's websites or platforms. This information can be captured and transferred to Chative using our live chat API. 

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A conversation happens when your customers from your websites or Facebook pages send messages via the live chat window. You can see your conversations in your Chative Inbox, assign an agent to reply to your customers. After that, the agent and customer can continue to communicate there. 



Guest is an unknown contact who visits your site without leaving personal detail such as name, email, or phone.

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Live chat
Live chat is referring to the platform that supports real time conversations. You can directly communicate with your customers who are browsing your website, Facebook page,...and support them quickly when they need.


Lead is the Contact who has interacted with your business' live chat and left their information such as name and email or name and phone number. The data will be saved in that Contact profile. 

Monthly Automated Contact (MAC) 
Monthly Automated Contact is the number of unique Automated Contacts per month. MAC quota is reset each month.
Omni-Channel Inbox

Omni-Channel Inbox is a shared inbox that accepts messages from all supported channels such as Facebook Messenger, website,... You can assign agents, view customer profiles, reply to customers, tag the conversations, etc. So team members can organize incoming messages.


The organization is the place where you and your teammate can create and manage all your live chat channels. Each organization is independent and separate from others. You can simply switch the organizations you were added to by opening your avatar icon.


The owner is the organization's creator. You will be able to access all app features and invite other teammates to manage the organization with you. One organization can only have one owner. 

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The report is where you can find the performance of your organization. In Chative, you will find the report of your live chat, chatbot, and team performance, and your manager can make some decisions based on that data.

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You can translate the languages of your live chat channel to match your customer languages. The live chat will base on customer browser language to give out the corresponding language.

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Tag is the feature that allows you to categorize customers into the group that you want. For example, happy customers, loyal customers, etc. And you can filter them in your contacts feature.  

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If the words you are trying to find are not defined here, please get in touch with us through our support channels, we will explain them to you and add them to the list.