As Chative customers, you can contact us directly for support via different channels and it can be different depending on your account plan. 

How to contact us

To contact a support specialist for help with your Chative account:

1. Login into your account.

2. At the bottom left of the platform, click the "?" icon. 

3. Click the Ticket support option to contact us.

Get free Chative help online

In case you can't access ticket support channels but still want to contact us, here are some free support channels that you can choose to reach out to: 
  • Our support email: You can send us an email through to ask for support from us. 
  • Website: We provide a live chat version directly on our website, you can freely go there and have a conversation with our team via live chat.

Ask for support requirements

Before contacting our support team for help, please gather this information:

  • A detailed explanation of your issue, including steps to do the process. Screenshots or a recorded video showing the issue would be the best.  
  • Whether the problem is consistent and reproducible when you test it on different browsers. In cases the issue behaves differently in each browser, please tell us the types and versions of the browser you are using.